Led Grow Lights will Change your (plants) life

No sunshine in the garden, installed only red and blue Led lights, the growth rate of vegetables has greatly increased. A new type of full spectrum Led grow lights in habits experiments using modern agricultural park.

The study found that the original lettuce need 52 days to 60 days to be grown, now only 20 days to mature by Led grow lights. The use of a peak wavelength of photosynthesis the fill light irradiation is the most economical way. Different growth stages for different kinds of vegetables and vegetables, the light spectrum is different, which requires technical personnel in a timely manner dimming. For example lettuce, when lettuce is just kind of go, it can not be grown too high, when the Blu-ray is more necessary than red light; Conversely, in lettuce growth of late, it is when it grows leaves, you need a little more red light, at least some of the Blu-ray. Researchers have to find out the lettuce, celery and Shanghai residents eat some leafy greens dimming law. At the same time, researchers are experimenting with led lamps to promote the growth of ginseng, Dendrobium and other valuable plants.

According to reports, the Led plant grow light is installed where vegetables is a learned skill. Side light suitable need three-dimensional growth of vegetables, such as cucumbers, etc., top of the lighting for “flat” growth of some vegetables, such as eggplant, lettuce, and the bottom of the light for vegetables need backwards long, compared to positive long small tomato backwards long small tomato nutrition transmission advantage, the plants were growing better, in the bottom of the light, small tomatoes using full spectrum Led Grow Lights is naturally grow downwards.LED Grow Lights

Modern agricultural applications of semiconductor lighting joint laboratory is still experimenting with a Led lamp “family farm” equipment, grow lettuce costs about 10 yuan per 500 grams. Led plant grow lights is expected to be extended to the family in the public.

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